Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A.
Orient of Georgia


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The Valley of Augusta's office staff consists of one person:

Secretary, T. Gregory Oblak, 33º
Cell:  (706) 829-1665

Masonic Biography

Was raised in Webb Lodge # 166, Augusta, GA on June 22, 1982
Served as W.M. 1987
Serves as Secretary from 1988 - 2017 (30 continuous years)
- Charity Committee Member for 35 continuous years
- Life Member since 1987
- Chairman in establishing a Scholarship Fund for Webb Lodge #166 (Wrote all the policies and procedures) in 1996 which continues today
- Received 5 Webb Lodge Mason of the Year awards since its establishment. (1996)
- Chaired several committees to include; Charity, Fundraising, Investigation, etc
- Trustee for the Masonic Temple for 4 years
- Mentor: To new candidates who petitioned for the degrees at Webb Lodge
- Grand Lodge; Attended as representative for the last 12 years
- GA CHIP: Participated in 5 Georgia Child Identification Programs
- Blood Drive: Participated in 21 Blood Drives for Webb Lodge #166 and Acacia Lodge #315 of North Augusta SC
25 year award; Received my 25 year award from Grand Master Ted Collins in 2007
- Chaired several fundraising committees for Webb Lodge and the Masonic Temple Trustees to raise funds for the temple to offset operating costs
- Editor of the Webb Lodge Monthly Newsletter for 30 years; Published 350 Newsletters as of March 2017
- Guest speaker for several programs to include PowerPoint presentations on 911 and Masonic Education in 9 Lodges in the 10th District and South Carolina.
- School of Instruction Blue Card Holder for 29 years.

Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry:

Received 32º on May 11, 2002
Invested with Rank and Decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour on November 3, 2007
Coroneted 33º on October 15, 2011
Active Candidate and Guest Speaker for the Degree Conferral and Banquet for all Valleys in GA

Lodge Of Perfection:

Served as Tyler 2003
Served as
Captain of the Host 2004
Served as
Master of Ceremonies 2005
Appointed General Secretary by SGIG 2006-2017 (11 continuous years)

- Life Member since 2006
- Editor of the Scottish Rite Monthly Newsletter for the last 11 years; Published 130 newsletters as of March 2017
Member of the Scottish Rite Guard for 11 years
Chairman of Renovations to the facility from 2006-2015
Chairman of the Major Fundraising Committee( Master’s Parking and Hospitality) for the last 11 continuous years
Member of the Executive Committee for 11 years
Trustee of the Georgia Scottish Rite Foundation (Statewide) for 11 years
- Past 
President of the Georgia Scottish Rite Foundation 2013-2014
Chairman of the Georgia Scottish Rite Scholarship Program (Statewide) 2011-2012
Leadership Conferences attended Country wide 4 years (2007 Birmingham, AL; 2009 New Orleans, LA; 2011 Baltimore, MD; 2013 Biloxi, MS)
Sentinel Conferences Attended Jurisdiction wide 3 years(Washington, D.C.)
- Master Craftsman I Course Graduate 2011
- Ralph Studdard Award Winner for Scottish Rite Mason of the Year 2009
Coordinates several Annual Events at the Scottish Rite Center to include;  Flag Day, Dinner Theaters, Grand Lodge Workshops, Georgia/South Carolina Exchange Nights, Rite Care Conferences, Statewide KCCH Investiture, Talent Show for Children with special needs, Fundraisers at the Scottish Rite Center for brothers and their family who are in need,  to mention a few.
- Organizer of  Two Scottish Rite Reunions each year for the last 9 years
Guest Speaker several times for the Lodge of Perfection Programs in several Valleys in Georgia and South Carolina
Charter Member and Knight Chevaliar of the Valley of Augusta Chapter of the Knights of Saint Andrew
Double Eagle Award Recipient (14,000+ points)

Acacia Lodge #315
Honorary Member since 1997

Unity Court No. 21 Order Of The Amarenth
Life member since 1995
- Participated in numerous fundraisers for Diabetic Research for Unity Court

Married to Carma Oblak for the last 44 years.  Two Married Children;  Todd Oblak, IT Team Lead, (Stacey, Teacher) and Lauren Eubanks, Physicians Assistant (Daniel, Senior Corporate Affairs Manager).  One grandson, Parker Eubanks (5 years old) and two granddaughters, Lilly Grace Oblak (2 years old) and Molly Catherine Eubanks (1 year old).  None of them are employed, but they're all cute.  A Christian and member of Resurrection Lutheran Church in Augusta. Member of the Woodbridge Homeowner’s Association for 6 years.  President and member of the Woodbridge Swim Team for 9 years.  Oversees and maintains the grounds in Woodbridge to include 8 acres of common ground, swimming pool, tennis courts and 33 acre lake for the last 21 years.  Retired Senior Research Scientist from the Medical College of Georgia (34 years of service).  Retired Director of Laboratory Services for a Medical Contract Manufacturing Company. (6 years)  Consultant, Federal Grant at the Medical College of Georgia (3 years).  Former Owner/Proprietor of Lakewood Landscape Company (29 years).

The Secretary is appointed by the Deputy or S.G.I.G. in the Orient of Georgia
The Valley office is located in the:

Augusta Scottish Rite Center
2553 Washington Road
Augusta, Georgia, 30904-3103

Telephone: (706) 733-5387
Fax: (706) 733-5354

Persons, having an interest in the Scottish Rite, are encouraged to contact the Secretary either in person, via email, or at one of the telephone numbers shown above.