Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A.
Orient of Georgia


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About Us

Driving Directions:

From I-20, take Exit 199 (Washington Road) and turn South (towards Augusta).  Travel 1.5 miles and the Augusta Scottish Rite Center will be on your left at the corner of Eisenhower Drive & Washington Road (turn left at the red light; the parking lot is located behind the building).

The Augusta Scottish Rite Center is located on the West Side of Augusta at 2553 Washington Road. The Center is situated on a 300 by 400 lot at the corner of Eisenhower Drive and Washington Road. The Augusta National Golf Club - home of the annual Masters Golf Tournament - is located across the street from the Center. The initial structure was erected in 1967 and the kitchen and dining room areas were added in 1990.

The front portion of the building includes a large foyer, Secretary's Office and three administrative and storage areas, anteroom, library/conference room, memorabilia room which also is used as a classroom for small groups, male and female restrooms, cloak room, robe/dressing room and a storage room. The 5000 square foot Lodge Room includes 234 fixed seats situated amphitheater style to afford maximum visibility. Many more persons can be seated with the addition of folding chairs. Corridors down each side of the Lodge Room provide multiple entrances for Degree personnel. The stage area located at the rear of the Lodge Room includes a variety of back drops with their controls, lighting control panels, a storeroom and a restroom.

Entrance to the dining room is through a hallway leading from the foyer. Three other entranceways from the outside of the building are available. The main dining room will seat as many as 200 persons. There is a small dining room, which will seat approximately 40 persons. The kitchen is of commercial style capable of meeting most all cooking and serving needs.  Located on the second level of the Center is the main classroom, the sound system control room, a building equipment room and two storage areas.

Overall, the Center is functional and fully meets the needs of the members as well as other groups invited to use the facility. This includes two ramps for entry by the handicapped. To the rear of the Center is a paved parking area and an outside storage facility used primarily for storage of grounds maintenance equipment.

Valley History

The four Bodies of the Augusta Scottish Rite were chartered by the Supreme Council as follows:

  • · Enoch Lodge of Perfection - 20 October 1917
  • · Delta Chapter of Knights Rose Croix - 20 October 1922
  • · Francis William Coffin Council of Knights Kadosh - 22 October 1925
  • · Augusta Consistory - 22 October 1925

The names of the Lodge, Chapter and Council were officially changed on 17 October 1945 to: Augusta Lodge of Perfection, Augusta Chapter of Rose Croix and Augusta Council of Kadosh. Initially, the Scottish Rite met in the Masonic Building located in downtown Augusta. The building also housed three Blue Lodges, three Eastern Chapters, the York Rite Bodies and possibly a Rainbow Assembly and a DeMolay Chapter. Amaranth and White Shrine were also in evidence.

In the mid 1960's it was decided that the various organizations would go their separate ways, therefore, the Masonic Building was sold. The Scottish Rite took up residence in the former BonAir Hotel building on Walton Way and the other groups erected a Masonic Temple on Wrightsboro Road. The Blue Lodges Eastern Star, Amaranth and White Shrine continue to meet in that facility.

The Scottish Rite erected and occupied its present building, on Washington Road, in 1967. Due to financial restraints a kitchen and dining room were not added to the structure until 1990. These facilities continue in use by the Scottish Rite to this day. No other organization meets in the building; however, it is made available to Masonic related groups such as Eastern Star, Rainbow and DeMolay on request.


The Scottish Rite Guard has been in evidence in the Valley of Augusta for many years. They are organized with annually elected Officers - Commander, Lt. Commander, Secretary, Treasurer and Chaplain. The Guard meets regularly on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Each meeting begins with a meal followed by a business meeting. Over the years the Guard has generally relinquished their participation in Degree Work. It has become essentially a service organization. e.g. providing assistance in Center and grounds maintenance, assuming the responsibility for meal preparation and service at Regular Communications of the Lodge of Perfection and handling special projects that may arise. The Guard conducts at least one fund-raiser each year - usually a spaghetti dinner offered to the public. Proceeds may be used for a special charitable endeavor, to provide some special service or purchase for the Center.

A special project of note has been ongoing in the Valley of Augusta for many years. This is the collection and sale of collected aluminum cans and certain scrap metals. The total amount of funds raised through this endeavor is sent to the Thomas S. Perry Fund of the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Scottish Rite Division, Hospital. Each year this Fund receives several thousand dollars for the treatment of indigent children.


The Valley of Augusta utilizes a Director of Work whose general function is to coordinate the activities associated with the conduct of a Reunion - conferring of the Degrees. He has two or more assistants.

The Principal Officers of the four Scottish Rite Bodies are expected to function as Degree Masters for the Degrees conferred in the name of the Body they head.

The Class Director provides classroom instruction in the Degrees being conferred, as well as those Degrees not being conferred during a Reunion. He has one assistant.

A Stage Crew is managed by the Stage Director. The general function of the Stage Crew is to arrange and position props used in the Degree conferrals, coordinate the use of scenic back-drops, provide PA services and monitor the performance of Degree Cast Members.

The Valley does not have a formal organization for 33rds and KCCH's. They, however, periodically assemble themselves and their families for a meal get-together at the Center.

There are no Scottish Rite Associations related to the Valley of Augusta